Internet Business Consulting

Since 1997, RIXIR has helped many small businesses turn their online marketing strategies into a profitable one.

We make it easy - Tell us what you'd like as the end result and we'll get you there.
We get things moving - Time is money and fast turn around is essential.
We work with your budget - Your web site can grow as your budget allows.
We have solutions - Not sure of what you need, contact us. We have answers.

· We know the answers to get it done quickly and keep it painless.
· We specialize in solutions for small businesses and are acutely aware of their needs.
· We understand that you may simply need a single web page and E-mail address at this point in time, but would like room to grow.

Why do you need a web site?

1. Today, people are searching the web first, because it's usually at their fingertips.
2. Your E-mail address should be part of your domain name and promote your business, not your ISP.
3. Say, so much more on your professional web site than a brochure, or phone book listing ever could, to more people for less.
4. Expand your market. Go beyond local to regional, national, and world wide in the most cost effective way.